Let PRF Electrical take care of all RCD Safety Switch Installation requirements.

RCDs are designed to disconnect the power immediately (within milliseconds) should you come into contact with live wires, to prevent electrocution.

Landlords and those who put homes up for sale in Western Australia are required to have installed a minimum of two RCD’s (Residual Current Devices) in the property, protecting both the lighting and power sockets. The law is not retrospective, but as professional electricians we recommend that all property be protected in this way.

To find out more about current RCD laws and facts provided by Department of Commerce WA Energy Safety click here.

In the past 17 years, 29 people including eight children have been electrocuted in homes in Western Australia. Twenty-three of these deaths could have been prevented if Residual Current Devices (RCD Safety Switch) had been fitted to the power and lighting circuits.

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