July 17, 2015

Digital TV and Vast Satellite TV Systems

At PRF Electrical we are fully trained and certified to install Digital TV systems for both local and remote locations.
Locally we use a modern aerial, usually a log periodic type for an excellent low profile performance. Remotely where the Digital service is not transmitted we install a satellite dish and connect your TV via a set top box.

Is your old antenna causing you problems? Tired of seeing digitizing and interference? Is there lines and pixilation in your pictures? Or do you need an upgrade to a full digital antenna? PRF Electrical has a vast range of antennas for your area and can install an Australian made antenna to suit your requirements. Ask our advice!

Your old antenna system may not be able to receive digital signals due to many factors and need upgrading. An old and broken antenna, worn and inferior cable, even the wall plate can be items in your current antenna system that require replacing in order for you to receive great digital pictures.

Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct antenna to suit your region. Any height any roof or any house design

Installation of your new TV is always easy at PRF Electrical, we can install your new wall mounted TV, and hide the power and aerial cables for a nice clean look.

PRF Electrical have trained staff able to resolve your reception problems.

Digital & Satellite TV Setup, Industrial Electrical Advice