Solar power is quickly becoming an efficient and green way to provide energy for your home and appliances. Though solar energy is still relatively expensive in comparison to conventional energy sources, the overall cost continues to lower at a rapid rate. Altogether, solar energy is well on its way to leading the nation’s energy remix and worth taking a closer look at:

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    Change Your Relationship with the Utilities Companies

    Even if your solar installation doesn’t produce all the power you use on a daily basis, it will cut the amount of conventional power you are purchasing month after month. If they produce more power than you need, some utility companies may actually pay you for your energy at a fluctuating whole rate.

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    Help The Environment

    Solar energy and panels require some raw materials and energy for installation, but once in operation this technology produces no carbon, methane, or particulate emissions and doesn’t demand tapping into the earth’s resources for constant upkeep.

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    Financial Incentives

    The federal government offers appealing subsidies to homeowners who install solar photovoltaic devices in their homes, including tax credits that can help the technology pay for itself.

Energy Storage


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Why storage makes sense.
Solar’s basic dilemma, solved.

Enphase AC battery siloLike bread and butter, black and white, sun and sand – solar and storage are a perfect pair. Storage addresses a fundamental problem of solar energy: while solar production peaks during midday, electricity use in the home is highest in the morning and evening.

Why storage?

Many people are excited about the potential of energy storage because it solves a fundamental solar dilemma. Let’s explain the basics:

  • Solar production peaks in midday, when the sun shines brightest.
  • But in most cases, you use electricity in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you come home.
  • Storage lets you save the energy you produce during the day for later, when you need it most.

Why now?

Three evolving trends are creating the need for storage:

  • Rising utility rates
  • Changing or disappearing Feed-in Tariff policies, which pay you when your excess electricity goes to your utility
  • Chemistry advancements resulting in safer, longer-lasting, and more affordable batteries
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Control your energy

  • Maximise the benefits of your solar system
  • Store and use your own electricity
  • Become more independent from the grid
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Lower upfront costs

  • More affordable than other storage
  • Simple installation keeps extra costs low
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A solution that’s just right

  • Works with any solar PV installation
  • Fits your individual electricity requirements with small 1.2kWh blocks
  • Simply add more AC Batteries when you need them
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Integrated with MyEnlighten

  • Use Enphase MyEnlighten to view how much energy your solar system produces, how much electricity your household uses and how the Enphase AC Batteries help to optimise your storage system
  • Check your system from any smart phone, tablet or computer

With storage you can save the energy your solar system produces for when you need it most.

There are different reasons of why a storage system might be right for you

  • Self-consumption
  • Backup
  • Time of use optimisation
  • Off-grid

Powerful on their own. Better together.

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Enphase Microinverters™

Located beneath each panel, microinverters convert power right at the source, maximising energy harvest without high voltage power on your roof.

Enphase Envoy®

The brains of the system, the Envoy monitors its performance and enables regular software updates, just like with your phone or computer. If you already have solar, you can install the Envoy-S Metered and get AC Battery-ready.

Enphase AC Battery

AC Batteries store excess energy produced during the day so you can use your own electricity when you need it at night or on cloudy days. You can install just one AC Battery to start off with and add more later, and that works with any solar system.

Enphase Enlighten™ Software

MyEnlighten provides insight into your electricity production and consumption, shows your CO2 savings and you can share all of it on social media.


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