In your home or rental property we can provide just about all of the electrical and communication requirements you may need. Our team of fully qualified electricians are ready to service your property in a timely and safe manner.



PRF Electrical offer a personal and specialised service for commercial electrical Perth office fit-out and refurbishments. We can help you with lighting replacement and repairs, tag and testing, switchboard maintenance and repairs, data cabling and certified testing.



Industrial electrical services include but not limited to factory and shed lighting, power, control, and refurbishments. pump systems, machine control systems, electric motor maintenance, and generators.

In mining services we provide experienced, qualified electrical, data, and diesel fitting labour services.


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PRF Electrical is your local electrical contracting business.

We provide electrical services to Home, Business, Industry & Mining.

Our offices are based in O’Connor, we travel throughout Perth and WA including but not limited to Alfred Cove, Attadale, Applecross, Ardross, Bateman, Beaconsfield, Bicton, Bibra Lake, Booragoon, Brentwood, Bullcreek, Cockburn, Coolbellup, Como, Coogee, Cottesloe, East Fremantle, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Henderson, Hilton, Kardinya, Leeming, Mt Pleasant, Manning, Melville, Mosman Park, Munster, Myaree,  North Fremantle, North Lake, Palmyra, Peppermint Grove, Port Coogee, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Salter Point, Samson, South Fremantle, South Lake, South Perth, Spearwood, Success, Willagee, Willeton, Winthrop, Yangebup .

Since 1985 PRF Electrical has focused on building a solid reputation for providing a reliable high quality service.
Our Electricians are fully licensed, and we are fully insured.
This means you can be assured of a fully compliant, safe and professional service when you employ PRF Electrical Perth to do your work.

20 people killed each year from unintentional electrocution on average, but less each year

When electrical issues arise in your home or business, the cost of repair is frequently one of the first thoughts that crosses people’s minds.
There is the temptation to fix the issue yourself. unfortunately in a lot of cases this leads to catastrophic results, leaving an average of 300 hospitalisations and 15 deaths each year in Australia as a result of electrical work done by unqualified people.

At PRF Electrical we strongly advise always using a fully qualified and licensed electrical contractor to do any form of electrical work Along with the dangers of working with electrical networks, a bad job can leave your family and business at extreme risk.



All PRF Electricians carry certification

When you hire a PRF Electrician you are assured of a qualified tradesman.
whether the electrician is a veteran or just starting out, each electrician has obtained the series of requisites that the Western Australian Government require that qualifies each electrician.
Some Electrical work requires a permit from the local departments, including Western Power, which provides another layer of comfort to you.


Long and short term safety concerns

Its no secret that working with electricity is dangerous.
Despite what you may think, it requires great caution and an innovative eye, coupled with expertise.
If your even a little unsure of how to accomplish a task, DON’T!
Call a professional
Even if you don’t get hurt during the process, an electrical job that is not done correctly causes massive safety concerns in your home and business.
Electrical Shocks, Fires and Electrocution are just a few examples of electrical failure that can seriously injure you, your family, employee’s or the general public.

PRF Electrical contracting Perth have already taken into account the above concerns and have been trained to deal with them appropriately.
We approach troubleshooting professionally, your safety and satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t compromise you and your’e families safety by attempting electrical repairs or renovations yourself.
Call a professional PRF Electrician


Save on costs, hire an expert

Appliances are not cheap.
Circuits that are poorly designed or repaired run the risk of delivering the wrong voltage to these appliances and damaging them internally.
This can be as simple as the motors, or as complicated as the gears that keep the alliance ticking.
A faulty job could leave you in a tight spot.


You won’t get in over your head

Try electrical repairs seems simple enough, but one mistake could easily lead to your entire electrical network needing repair.
There are plenty of intricate systems at work and hiring a professional assures that you don’t create a more complicated problem that creates a more expensive repair.


We work with hundreds of businesses and individuals, give us a call, you might be pleasantly surprised!


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